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920 7 Street Cold Lake, Alberta T9M 1M5

Staff Contacts:


Scott MacDonald:
Vice Principal and Grade 6 English Teacher

Heather Lacoursiere:
Classroom Support Teacher and Grade 6 English Teacher

Crystal Sevigny:
Kindergarten French Immersion Teacher

Annette Labrash-Blackwell: (Mrs. LB is currently on leave)
Kimberley Barnes:
Kindergarten English Teacher

Jillian Smith:
Grade 1 English Teacher

Megan Claude: 
Grade 1 Immersion Teacher

Tammy Kolody:
Grade 1 Immersion Teacher

Jaimie Lendvay:
Grade 2 English Teacher

Keri Rawlake: 
Grade 3 English Teacher

Paige Lauzon: 
Grade 3/4 Immersion Teacher

Kara Deets: 
Grade 4 English Teacher

Diane Schneider:
Grade 5 English Teacher

Benoit Côté:
Grade 5/6 French Immersion Teacher

Julianne Walker: 
Immersion Teacher

Heather Ruschkowski:
English Teacher

Jaime Mills:
Family Outreach Worker

Stacey Reid:
Preschool Educator